Suddenly, the hitpoint bar for my ships isn't displaying correctly.

Posted on Saturday, April 5, 2014

At 120 turns into my current game the hitpoints bar for my ships shows color for 100% hit points instead of its current less than 100% hit points.

As an example:

As you can see, my ship "lost defender 003" only has 6 of 25 hit points left. The hit points bar in the data for the ship in the bottom left corner also shows 6 of 25 hit points, but the bar is solid blue. Prior to this turn, only a portion of the left side of the hit points bar was blue. (I really don't have any idea if the turn number is significant to the issue. It just happened to occur on this turn for me in this game.)


EDIT: This is not happening for all my ships. Only some of them.