Alpha Patch is live!

Posted on Thursday, April 3, 2014

We’ve already pushed out our first post-launch patch for the Galactic Civilizations III alpha, thanks in no small part to the feedback our Elite Founders have been providing in the mere week they’ve had with the game.

We’re extremely pleased with the thoughtful feedback and excellent bug-reporting our Founders have been helping us out with. Thank you!

To download the patch, simply connect to Steam and let the automatic download magic happen. You may have to restart your Steam client.

We haven't found any issues with saved games from previous versions in our internal testing. However, we make no promises as to stability or usefulness of cross-version savegames at this point. We will definitely add explicit cross-version compatibility in the future so patch day won't be a worry for in-progress playthroughs.

Not an Elite Founder? Buy or upgrade today to join the alpha test.

Patch notes follow:

* * *


Added Multiplayer lobby version matching- Some of you may have noticed developers jumping in and out of lobbies as we tested and fixed multiplayer issues, this will keep you form seeing lobbies of people on different versions and keep us from bugging you with our test games, sorry for the confusion

Added support for loading games from other versions (not relevant yet, but it will be when you get this patch)

The game now detects if your video card can use compute shaders, if not it automatically disables those effects (fixing an issue causing some players to just see black screens)



Clicking a starbase now centers the camera on them

Improved income tooltip on the planet screen

Fixed the research tooltip

Fixed lots of typos

Added more typos

Chat now unhides automatically when you receive a message form another player

Added more verbose messages when players disconnect in multiplayer explaining what happened



Update GlobalDefs, increased base growth rate to .25

Reduced some overpowered adjacency bonuses

Increases “Base” value on tiny maps, to increase numbers of planets and anomalies to be closer to Small maps values

Removed Population Improvement Blocking from Arid Terrain

Rebalanced costs

Rebalanced growth rate



Fixed a minor issue with the anti-aliasing display on the options screen where you wouldn't see your anti-aliasing level set (it was actually at 2x, though the display didn't show it)

Fixed an issue that could cause ship strategic icons to me lost when you reloaded a save game.

Fixed an issue where a planet could become uncolonizable if you sent a colony ship to it and that ship got destroyed

Fixed an issue where the music would start over when jumping into the multiplayer lobby

Fixed an issue reloading a multiplayer game if the host wasnt ready

Fixed an issue causing ships to form fleets twice

Fixed an issue where the mouse curser could be offset from its actual location on some resolutions

Fixed a multiplayer desync being caused by FoW calculations

Fixed an issue that could cause the command button to become disabled for fleets

Fixed an issue that causes a green flicker before any movies play

Fixed an issue that could leave buttons highlighted if you mouse dragged over them

Fixed an issue where you wouldnt be able to type in a save game name if you were in the chat window

Fixed a display issue with error code tooltips

Drengin toilets unclogged

Fixed an issue using the construct action from the fleet context window

Fixed strings in Starbase modules, were names and descriptions were inverted

Fix missing icons on several improvements

Fixed double growth bonus on Ghost World

Fixed bad Icons in Ship Defs

Fixed an issue which caused all improvement to generate culture after a culture improvement was built

Fixed an issue where the turn turn button never stops prompting for research after all the games techs are learned

Fixed an issue causing a multiplayer game mismatch if one of the players had previously generated a game

Fixed an issue causing a hang if you pressed tab while the game was generating the map

Fixed an issue where the game could run out of graphic nodes if there were a lot of ships in the game