Elite Founder Star Naming is Live!

Posted on Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Elite Founders can submit their star names – and their names to be included in the special thanks credit – for Galactic Civilizations III today. Simply head to and login with your Stardock account (that you purchased the Elite Founders edition with) to submit your names.

Please note that any content Stardock deems inappropriate will invalidate your entire submission. We keep open minds and Galactic Civilizations III is certainly not a series that takes itself so seriously that we have to outlaw anything funny or off-beat, but profanity, trademark- or copyright-infringing content, or any kind of slurs or hate speech will not be accepted.

Star naming and special-thanks credits submissions will remain open until the alpha ends and beta begins, which will likely be toward the end of May. Please remember that any plan can be derailed in the face of the realities of game development, but that’s the timeframe we’re aiming for.

Many thanks to all of our Founders for their support. Your feedback, both on the official forums or via the Galactic Civilizations III Steam forums, has already been extremely helpful in making this the best game it can possibly be.

Not an Elite Founder? Buy or upgrade now to get alpha access, star naming rights, and more.