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No registration found error.

Posted on Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So back in late January, I bought the Founders Elite Edition from the stardock store (obviously, as there was no other way to get it at that time. ), I just saw on steam that the alpha had recently been released, so I went to my account page and grabbed my key, downloaded the game, and launched it. I was greeted with the "Claim Founder's Benefits" window, similar to SoaSEs bind-gamekey-to-account page. That's all fine and dandy, but when I enter in my credentials, I get the error: "No registration found". I tried changing the email to my user name, and that gave me the "Please enter a valid email" error, while entering an incorrect password would result in the "Account does not exist or password was entered incorrectly" error. So it's getting to my account just fine, but apparently I'm just not allowed to continue. :/


So uh, how do I go about fixing this? As I'm unable to play the game until I pass this dialog. :c


(assuming this is actually an error, and not just me doing something wrong)