Duplicate steam code.


Posted on Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hey, I bought a physical copy civ5 many years ago (five or more) as a early teen on a windows 2000 from gamestop.  Our internet was slow and unreliable back then and I eventually forgot about it when I couldn't complete the process fully. I have recently joined steam competently since I joined the galciv3 founders program, and have a new laptop. while installing games from my previous laptop to my new one, I found civ5 again and tried installing it thinking I never registered it.
When it got to the part for the code it said it was a duplicate, from my old account. I don't remember a thing about my old email or password either.

I have everything still in mint condition. I sent a picture to steam of the game and followed the prove of purchase instructions, but I'm wondering will that work? Will steam reset the code so I can play?

If anyone has experience with this, its appreciated.