Internet Trolls.


Posted on Saturday, March 29, 2014

I may curse a bit.  and no matter how much it might seem the opposite, I respect other people freedom of speech, I just disagree with there views.

WTF is happening!!! Just WTF is happening!!! I have been with steam for a week and some quirky shit happens occasionally, like friend request not going though or my connection sometimes isn't recognized. But that's all understandable to a extent, since there are millions users and errs are common.

I have seen A few locked posts here bitching about the $99 price and not listening to logic. That that's odd considering a sixteen year old I know worked for the money in a week, and understood this is cheap considering all game content is included.

So today I went on the Galciv3 Steam forums for the first time to see what all the gripe was about, I heard it was bad so went to see how bad the trolls were.

HOCKY SHIT!!!! The amount of ignorance, short sightedness, hypocrrisy of fake "die-hard fanness", and trolling was astonishing. Even when Brad tried talking logically to them, there troll brains could not understand his reasonable words. Some were worse than trolls. They were ZOMBIE TROLLS, some tried to even virtually bite Brad! Luckily he escaped without harm. Steam has been good for me so far, not counting how much personal info they briskly hand out, but the people are awful, I hate how the thing said are forever, and is going around the web now because of steam, when this has been out for months!!! The people there are nothing but unappreciative dollar game buying waste of space. I hope they get better. 

I have followed these forums for months like allot of people here and we know the score, and what SD makes. But these, and I will use part of a quote here:

 "Random, racist, self entitled, narcissistic, crusading, ignorance, illogical, fucktards seem to fill so many boards!!!!! The mainstream fools will spam our forums. Is there a way to only let founders comment on the Alpha feedback section? I don't think the beta access deserves a forum badge either if a downpour of internet hating assholes will fuck up the lovely gamer developer relationship that exists. I don't like that people with nothing better to do but spread lies around the internet about the alpha if they played it or not, and are writing articles like the one by escapist magazine that was published before the alpha was even out, and claimed to have played it for hours!! WHHHATT THAAA FUUUUCK!! The time machine must have been up there asses because I sure as hell didn't see it.

I just don't like how Stardock is being portrayed as "corrupt" and "thieves" and are probably getting hate mail.

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