Fleet/stack management not fun - alpha lives up to Frogboy's promise

Posted on Friday, March 28, 2014

I can't get a smiley in the subject line, so please imagine one there.

Anyway, I had a transport and a colony ship in orbit.  I selected them one at a time and clicked "Eject" to get them in orbit.  I then found that they had automatically formed a fleet.  Since I wanted to send them in opposite directions, I selected the stack, left clicked on the colony ship, and clicked on Eject.  The ship selector in the lower left corner still showed the colony ship, so I right clicked on the planet where I wanted it to go, and guess what?  The constructor took off towards the planet.  WTF?  The colony ship was the one that appeared to be selected.

So now I left click on the colony ship and send it to the planet.  It ends up on the same tile as the constructor.  So now I select the constructor (again, it's shown in the lower left hand corner) to re-route it to the space station where I want it with a right click.  Since it had already moved its max, nothing happens.  On the next turn, which ship heads to the space station?  The colony ship!  While the constructor proceeds on its merry useless way to the planet.

This is either broken or the UI is extremely counter-intuitive. 

I'm happy to be reporting UI issues since I played for 6 hours yesterday without a single crash.