To all the griefers upset about the price tag

Posted on Friday, March 28, 2014

Before you decide to start a new post grumbling about the $99.00 price tag and the danger of Alpha releases, etc. Read this post first!

I've purchased just about every game Stardock has released over the years, and as far as I've seen, they keep their promises. There WILL be DLC/xp for GC3. In fact, if their past installments of the game are any indication, there will likely be three or more expansions, all meaty enough to be standalones.

You are correct in the fact that things can go wrong during Alpha access, and it has happened before with other producers- but this is Stardock. Galactic Civilizations is their flagship game- the benchmark of 4x space strategy; there is no risk of this game not reaching completion.

Yes, $99.00 is a lot of money for a game, but you must keep in mind the DLC that you WILL receive in time with that one-time price. If you were to pay full price for the game (~$50), and there are 3 DLC's (@$30 per DLC) you are already over $110 and that doesn't include the expansion packs! That doesn't even include the other early access goodies.

A lot of people aren't pleased with the state of the modern gaming industry. Alpha-releases are not popular with everyone, however, there are plenty of individuals who have shown they are willing to pay to playtest, and as a result, most developers are adopting this framework. If you are going to rage, I'm afraid you have to rage at the players who have made this happen over the past few years.

Ultimately, if you don't agree that it's worth the price, that's fine! It's your money afterall.

Please don't troll the forum with your erroneous gaming-ethics, however.

Thanks for your time- hopefully this will have changed your mind.