I'm sorry but this is thievery

Posted on Friday, March 28, 2014



I owned both galciv 1 and 2 and I was excited to see 3 coming to life.

That said when I looked at the price only one word came to mind: thievery.

I'm sorry Stardock, this will be banned but you should be charged with a lawsuit since what you're doing borders the ilegal (in the mad world we live in prob its not but it should be).

You can't sell a product and promise stuff that it's not guaranteed.

You say we get all dlc's and xp's , but what if you decide to do none?

What guarantee do I have that I'm buying a product that I like if it's in Alpha stage and you can change it anytime it pleases you? Hell, you can decide you don't want to do a space game no more , right?

I'm disgusted by this last trend of companies inciting people to buy unfinished products.

And I even haven't touched the price : 100 bucks??? Are you kidding me? So I pay 100$ and I still have to WORK for you?

I'm sorry I really wanted to play this game but I will not participate in something as shady as this.

Would like to hear some feedback, please. I hope not everyone is ok with this.