Thoughts on being a Good Guy

Good needs more return still

Posted on Friday, March 28, 2014

I was again struck by the morality choices and I understand you position good to be more of a late game help.


But I was struck by the Pod people planetary colony event and the choices -


I can get for Good - Nothing

For Neutral - A small research bonus

For Evil - A big research bonus


I can understand good seems to finish last, I get that, but why not give some small divergent bonus for good, maybe not as immediately powerful, but still useful, like a small planetary quality bonus as the people are happy they are not forced to meld with pain plants. or maybe a small money bonus to represent extreme tourism as people from elsewhere come to see the crazy pod plants.


The rewards do not need to be huge, but some benefit other than the joy of your opponent in multiplayer saying 'your a tool for choosing good' would be great.