Cannot Activate Alpha - Founder's Benefits

Posted on Friday, March 28, 2014



I'm downloaded the alpha and try to run it from Steam. The first screen I get is a dialog asking me to enter my Stardock email and pass to activate "Founder's Benefits". I do this but then a dialog appears telling me the actication failed.


Then a text error log appears and shows this :


Using silent activation with null serial mode.

Application start: 2014-3-28 1.0.28
Silent mode
Mode 2
Submitting activation request...
Download: failed HttpSendRequest
Result parsing error (1)
Error activating the product
Please ensure the serial number entered is associated with the email you used and attempt to activate again. Include this log file if contacting support.


Seems like a network issue or maybe an account problem? I've disabled my virus checker (Avast) and Window Firewall and tried running as admin from outside steam - nothing worked or changed behaviour.


EDIT : This is Win 8 by the way.... I suspect now that there is a Win 8 security problem for the Stardock activation tool...