MaxWar's list of annoyances ( Alpha

Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2014

MaxWar's list of annoyances ( Alpha

The Game is very nice already but as I play, I like to write down all the annoyances I find on a piece of paper. 

I understand this is Alpha and that most of those annoyances are probably known and planned to be fixed but I will list all I have found anyway. Will also keep this updated as I find new stuff and as the game gets updated.

They are sorted in the order that I wrote them as I played. Here it goes.


The Annoyance List:

1. Ship Speed is painfully slow:  This is not a big issue when you press end turn and all your ships move at the same time ( I like this btw). But I really like to micro my scouts and survey ships. The slow speed made exploration more tedious than it needs to be. My favoured fix would be a Ship movement speed slider in the Gameplay options. ( Just to be clear I am talking about the speed at which animated ships travel through the screen, not how many hexes it can move per turns )  

2. Confused by scrambled Planetary tiles Bonus Icons: The icons are not associated with the same bonuses as in the earlier games. For instance the Red Pyramid now gives influence and economic bonuses instead of pure research bonus. I do not know if this is part of a bigger plan or something but that feels wrong and a result is that my first couple research labs were placed on inadequate tiles. This might not be a real annoyance as it seems that now most bonuses are multipurpose so I can understand that a reorganization of the usage of the icon tiles was necessary. ( I might cancel this one )

3. Planet Capital lands on bonus tile: Upon colonizing a planet, the capital places itself by defaults on a random tile, often containing a bonus. Not only can this waste your juicy bonus but this is made even more annoying considering that now building placement is very important. Favoured fix would be to let the player chose where the Capital lands.

4. Every Bonus description uses the same tiny wrench icon. I understand this is just a place holder for the Alpha, but I found this to be confusing and as a result, annoying. 

5. +25% bonus to current research found in anomaly is wasted if no research is selected:  I had the "Luck" of getting this bonus right off the bat in the beginning of the game. But I had not chosen my research path so it got wasted. Annoying.

6. When a ship moves, the Yellow part of the movement arrow path becomes green immediately. I think It should only become green upon next turn, like in about every other games using a similar unit movement pattern. Green should be exclusive to where your unit can move during the very turn.

7.Remaining turns for stuff in building queue do not update after you modify the Govern Planet production wheel. You need to leave the planet screen and come back before it is updated. It should update in real time as you move the dot in the production wheel.

8. The sound that plays when you scroll up and down in text description in the research menu is very annoying. This one is debatable as an annoyance but if you go to Xeno research for example and scroll up and down rapidly with mouse wheel, it sounds like static in my speakers. Very annoying sound to my ears. 

9.Zooming out to "Cloth map" causes the planet name and icons to disappear.  I am talking about  Planet name, Icon that tells what the planet is building and icon that tells when there are ships in orbit.  I used those all the time in GalCiv 2 as a way to quickly asses what is happening in my empire. There might be compensatory mechanisms but It still feels wrong to me that this is missing.

10. No selected Item indicator in the "cloth map": For some reason I cannot thing of a better name than cloth map right now    Anyway, you cannot see what is selected in this view. No flashing circle or anything around the selected unit.

11. Changing ship direction while they are moving is glitched: I took a nasty pleasure at torturing the game with constantly changing ship direction while they are already moving. The game does not like that and can result in either:

-Change not registered ( unit keeps going where it already was )

-Change gets added at the end of the already planned movement ( This one is a pretty trippy way of having waypoints )

-Change gets updated but usually with a lag.

-SOMETIMES, the change will actually register and the ship will change course almost immediately

This all seems pretty random. I feel that any change to unit direction should be registered and updated on the fly without lag and work as intended every time.

12. "Beam Cohesion" technology lists a +25% range bonus twice:  I can only guess this is some kind of Typo.  I did not take a screenshot of it and cannot go back and do it now as there is now way to read previously discovered tech description apparently. Another annoyance but I expect it will be fixed with the tech tree.

13. Cancelling build in queue = Complete loss:  Self explanatory. I guess the "money back" feature is simply not yet implemented in the Alpha.

14. There is no Icon or indication anywhere when a Unit is on Sentry Or on Guard.

15.The Command menu apparently does not work for fleets, only for single units.  I cannot put my fleet on sentry, very annoying. Once again, alpha, I know..

16. Production queue ETA turns not displayed in the planet side bar. So how many turns before that constructor is ready? 

17. Hard to select ships/fleet from a stack. I was clicking on those little ship icons for minutes trying to figure out why it did not work. I eventually figured that you needed to double click the stack on the map. Would be pretty clunky when you have like 12 units stacked. My suggestion is that double clicking on the little icons would let you select the unit or something. 


18. Cannot scrap ships! : Maybe I just did not find how, but I ended up with a ton of scouts from anomalies. I wanted to scrap them but could not.


 ----------------------ADDED ON 4/5/2014

19. Ships not Auto Selected upon Eject from planet:  Has been reported by several different people so far, Yes it is kind of annoying.

20.  Skip turn consumes all movement :  It has been the way GalCiv 2 and many other 4x worked. I still classify it as an annoyance. Removing all the points serve no gameplay or balance issue. Made a thread about this earlier.

21.Relation spectrum in Diplo screen is "reversed".  At least reversed compared to GalCiv II. Bad relation is on the right instead of left. The negative values being on the right of the scale is in opposition to the standard Cartesian coordinate system.

22. The Start of turn "Dum Dum" bell sound does not work all the time in Multiplayer.


Despite this thread being full of Annoyances, the game already great for an alpha.

Long live Stardock! This game is gonna rock I feel it.