The List, So Far...

Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2014


  • Add a "CENTER BUTTON" and perhaps a visual cue and/or button to place pointer back to previous setting (away from center). May encourage more experimentation without the hassle of finding the last settings.



  • Hex resources seem a bit confusing via no mentioning of graphical bonuses (manufacturing, research, etc.) before improvement construction.
  • Occasionally hex bonuses will not register, neither on hex improvement text nor planet output.
  • Perhaps provide a "right-click" function inside planet screen that will allow players to turn off improvement window following the curser. Would let players see just the hex with less clutter.
  • Possibly allow players to position colony when planet first colonized. Would let them better take advantage of planet resources, bonuses, etc. Maybe make it a game option during setup.
  • Food Distribution improvement disappears when being built. When finished it will appear back inside hex.
  • A Drengin planet apparently ceded (no warnings of this) yet planet screen shows all black, no hexes. Nothing can be build (prior improvements can be upgraded) and game continues to state "IDLE COLONY", breaking game.
  • Upon conquering a planet, the planet hex grid background is black, but hexes are shown and can still be build upon.
  • Farming improvements are not showing as upgradeable.
  • Loving the fact of being able to build older improvements (specifically manufacturing) but there needs to be a filter.
  • Purchasing improvements and then cancelling them the same turn. Money is lost and nothing can be purchased again after. Should allow the monetary return and the ability to purchase improvement after since turn hasn't completed, etc.



  • Found a Precurser ship in arctic ice. It did not signify idealogy points nor "loss of land" specified, planet quality was not downgraded (if it should have been).



  • Above each build queue summery, where wealth, manufacturing and research points are located: There is no manufacturing icon (middle) and the icon for research is showing population icon instead (right).



  • Add a "DONE" button. Leaving "CANCEL" as the only way to exit the window is confusing.
  • Perhaps add a visual representation of purchases and placements of ships in build queue.



  • When automatically surveying it will stop at an anomaly just surveyed, even though it has moves left. "IDLE SHIP" not signified when this happens. Results in lost moves.



  • Add a "MOVE" button so automatic moves can be made for single ships/fleets, allowing player to see explored territory, etc., allowing for better choices to be made.



  • Starbase screen showing planet while actually being located nowhere near. Perhaps have generic picture screens to show placement of starbases (ie: middle of nowhere, next to asteroids, etc.)



  • Cannot play game further after researching all current tech options. Perhaps change that to allow players to continue messing with the game mechanics.


Obviously there are a lot of things that will be addressed pro forma. I'll be adding more, later. I will also add others' if requested.