No, don't let people to buy this game via steam yet

Why you do this? Why do you have to destroy early impression?

Posted on Thursday, March 27, 2014

People just won't understand and accept the game when they see "99 bucks" on screen.


No, if anything that Planetary Annihilation tells us, any enough explanation won't change people's mind.

Only thing this can come out is that people are going to believe the game costs 99 bucks regardless and it will surely destroy goodwill.

I mean, I still hear people saying PA as '99 bucks game' and this is very last thing we need from Galciv3.

Just close the game from Steam. Only allow people to buy this game via, which only those who understand the whole concept of this pricing stuffs.


Or, you guys should allow people to pre-purchase the game at regular price, but do not allow them to play Alpha/Beta. Showing only '99 bucks' is just terrible idea.