Joke feature ideas

Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What are your best (joke) ideas for Gal Civ 3?


Mine are....


Diplomatic option, taunting. 

Suppose you're steamrolling your sworn enemies. Everyone is allied against them so they have no one to surrender to. It would be nice to be able to call them up and taunt them with the destruction of their civilization. 

"Hey Lord Kona."

"Have-have you come to discuss peace terms? Oh thank you, thank you!"

"Nope. Just reminding you that you're doomed."


Spaceship Interior Designer

It's a staple of GalCiv to be able to custom our fleets. But wouldn't it be just as cool to design the interiors?!?! Taupe paint in the command center, matching furniture sets, I have a whole plan laid out. It'll be great.


 Political Machine 2242

Having your political party win an election is a bit underwhelming in previous games. What if every election was modeled with a little mini-game? A completely realized election campaign where you tour your empire along with rival candidates and debate the current issues! Was it a mistake to get involved in a war against the Altarians? Are you for or against Robosexual marriage? What are you doing to help develop the job market for graduates? Every election year would become a full game in the vein of Political Machine while you continue to run your civilization!