A More Mature GalCiv3?

Posted on Sunday, March 9, 2014

I've never been too bothered about the cartoon aspect of Galciv2. The funny looking news robot or the evil squirrels, the lighthearted humor in Galciv 2 wasn't really all that funny to be fair; nor did the game at any point try to take itself serious.

However a mate of mine earlier today brought up the subject of Galciv3 with the hope that it would be more mature, that it would at least try this time to take itself seriously. And from something that I was never really bothered about before, I have to say I agree.

Galciv 2 had its charms and Galciv 3 doesn't need to lose that charm. However I am hoping that Galciv 3 will have grown up a little and dump the non-funny dialogue, evil squirrels and good natured teddy bears and exchange that with something that feels more immersive for a space 4x game. I'm not asking for a dark filled warhammer 40k universe, but a more grown up aspect of what we got in Galciv 2 with less attempts at lighthearted fuzzy wuzzy humor...

Anyone else agree?