Government contradictions

Posted on Monday, March 3, 2014

In GC2 , we had a system where we started with Imperium, then upgraded to greater degrees of local freedom up to Star Federation in exchange for economic bonuses.


For the "good" and maybe the neutral factions (some of them), it may make sense. But for others?


- All of the good factions are probably democratic

- Human may very well be democratic


- Arcean? Sounds more like the Klingons from Star Trek; probably not democratic


And the evil?

- Drengin? Probably a totalitarian society run by a military junta on top

- Yor? Technocracy? Something like what the Borg have?

- Korx? He who has the gold makes the rules?


What about Thalan? I've always thought they'd be like an insect hive. But their weakness as is often stated is numbers - hmm. So slow repoducing insects? Would they be run like an earth colony of insects with a "queen" on top?


The point is that the GC2 government system doesn't reflect this and I think it needs to be expanded on.