Planets seceding from an empire/republic.

Posted on Friday, February 28, 2014

While playing GC2 I remember having an occasionally case of "unhappy" planets either joining another galactic power, or seceding to form an independent colony. Those planets that declared independence I always found to be rather dull because of the lack of possibility to set up a dialog with them, as well having no means to defend themselves(no fleet). The only way to get them back was through invasion, and that usually took little effort.

Now, what if, while ruling an unruly empire, there would be the possibility of a few planets to secede from your empire and form a coalition(sort of rebel states) and taking part of your fleet to their side in the process, in fact, forming a new power. This new power would have a new "avatar" to start a dialog with like any other power, and would in fact act like any other power with it's own goals and agendas. 

Through history there are an endless examples of empires breaking up, and new nations forming. The USA for example declared independence from the British, the South seceded from the United States to form the Confederacy and so on...

Was there any plan to update domestic politics?