Noob with questions...

Posted on Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hi all,

I kind of got into Sins of a Solar Empire a few years ago. I mean played it some and enjoyed it, but I never played it enough to get past the learning curve. I think part of the problem was that I played on my laptop and without a mouse. So i think i recall navigation being a pain for me... lol Its been awhile. And I kept wanting to compare it to BOTF; which was an amazing game that I still occasionally play today!!!

Do you think this new game will still have the same type of game play versus Sins? Or will it be a little more smooth? What are greatest improvements you guys think there will be?

I looked at buying Distant Worlds awhile ago, but that would have required me building a new computer... (i already have an i7 with 8bg ram... lol) I liked the very in depth open world though. I'm more about the game play, than I am about the graphics. The screenshots look sweet for GC3 though! I wish the video would have showed a little bit of game play.

There are only a handful of game titles that i really play. And since I'm not going to pay $15/month for Elder Scrolls Online, COD is already getting old, Far Cry 4 is a long ways away, and Command & Conquer looks iffy, so i'm looking for a game to fill that void... I am really stuck on if i should go for the purchase before March 2nd though.... Maybe play Sins again and see if that excitement comes back?