The New "Prototype Feedback" in the Vault!

My opinions; yours?

Posted on Saturday, February 22, 2014

ERMAGERD! IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! Well, metaphorically at least, lol.

This is by far the most substantial thing released to us so far, and honestly Stardock guys, you may as well have dangled a raw steak in front of a pack of rabid wolves. I ate that stuff right up... after reading one or ten times more. It's looking good, damn good, especially considering the current ETA of the release. 

For those that have seen it; what thoughts do you have on the screens and commentary? I have some feedback to offer myself based purely on what was seen:

(In no particular order...)


- On the planet management screen, I would like if the actual map of the planet was actually "filled" with hexes. I noticed that much of the pacific ocean as well as some of Indonesia and Hawaii and most of the poles were missing on the picture of Earth. As I said, it would be better if the currently unused space was used to display the remainder of the planet.

-The planets, aside from Earth and Drengi, don't have clouds (including Mars, Kona and the other habitable planets)

-I noticed that Mars is a class 10 planet, Earth is class 16 and Drengi is class 18. Are the planets in this game simply better? Is there some sort of starting option that tweaks this? Perhaps the value of individual tiles has gone down? Personally, I would like if there wasn't a superabundance of tile with correspondingly weak improvements, unless this adjacency bonus mechanic is pretty significant.

-The star textures are really badly distorted at their poles.

-The sector demarcation lines are a little too visible; it adds unnecessary visual clutter where a much thinner/duller line, perhaps of a different colour, would suffice.

-The tooltip on a planetary improvement has 'values' for mass driver, beam and missile weapons. Possibly some sort of planet auto-defense? How would that work with invasion transports? Can ships bomb these?

-I'd like if I could have a bottom-oriented UI; is there an option for this?

-Are those coloured polygons galactic resources?

-There's a picture with a huge nebula! More of these please! (Preferably with an abundance setting)

-The tile description 'arable land' has two pretty significant spelling/grammar errors; "Colonie" and "required to make a colony a valuable part of a growing civilizations"

-I disagree with point 12 on the list; don't get rid of the "BC" and "B" units at the end of numbers, it adds to immersion in my opinion by knowing the details of my planets. This is akin to planets in Sins of a Solar Empire having a few hundred inhabitants, instead of explicitly giving units.

-Planets should have an appearance and attributes that one would expect from a planet in their particular orbit around their particular star; planets one tile away around yellow, blue, purple stars should be hostile and volcanic, while one-tile orbits around red or white stars should have habitable planets and cool rocks. Extrapolate for other orbits and planet types.

-I noticed there's much more stellar size variation, given that there's a very small white dwarf star. Will there be multi-tile stars akin to supergiants?


That's all I can think of for now, what about you guys? Are any of my questions answerable Stardock guys?