Please keep in the snarky remarks, I love them!

Posted on Thursday, February 13, 2014

Well I am playing another game of Gal Civ II. Both APT and Autumn Twilight are great mods and I am once again losing sleep and being late for work because of you BRAD!


Anyway if I were to add my 2 cents to any desire in making Gal Civ III it would be to keep in the snarky comments from various leaders. Although I have played at least 100+ games in the years, I actually fell out of my seat laughing yet again when the Krynn popped up and said....."Stop, Just please Stop,  you are embarrassing both of us with your build up of forces next to my planet".....


Needless to say I was laughing all the way to the declare war button.......


Some of the things the leaders say are just too funny. 


"OOOO your skin looks delicious!"  


Anyway there is not a single game that i am aware of that puts in the laughter in Slaughter like Gal Civ II does. Please keep it in III.