Please let the fleets be epic!

Posted on Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mostly what it says on the tin, however let's add some maturity and clarification on what I mean by that.


With modern technology being what it is, and the fact that we aren't really going to have to control our fleets in a micromanagement level, I would love to see fleets of maybe a few hundred ships per side ala Sins of a Solar Empire (though much easier since we can avoid the aforementioned micro-management). Because when I think galactic warfront I don't think 4 battleships per side as an entire fleet.


PLEASE use modern technology to it's advantage so that when I am watching a battle play out in cinematic I can enjoy an epic scale battle Royal that feels like I'm fighting a war for control of the galaxy, and not a pithy little skirmish.


(also please let us have full control of the camera)