An impossible Race? Or a secret well kept?

Posted on Sunday, February 9, 2014

The race we know of as Thalans is thought to be one of the keys of the story that unfolds through each GC episode/game/expansion. However which story would that be, exactly? Supposedly we know of Draginol the Mithrilar possibly destroying the universe as is known in GC. 

And the Thalans are here to prevent it. I had a problem with that statement ever since I read about it. And I just realized what the problem's a logical leap. Thalans are from the future supposedly, from a parallel dimension from which they time travelled to our own(GC one, that is). But how can you witness the destruction of something and set yourself a goal to prevent it, and do what Thalans did, supposedly time travelling and orchestrating plans to create a time paradox(going back to change their future), if you haven't actually survived?

So, we know little about Thalans and one of the things we know is that they haven't evolved yet in GC universe(we haven't seen a proto-Thalan race yet anywhere in GC Cosmos), so where do they really come from? Are they some kind of deity? Are they an abnormality of the Universe, not supposed to happen at all? Are they liars? How do we know anything they say is true? Just cause they say it? For all we know, they could have spread rumours about GC Universe destroyed by humans cause it fits their plans in some form. Maybe the Universe is not destroyed and the 5th Mithrilar was created as a Universe healing itself method.(Brad himself told once that one man's destroy could be another's transform.)

Maybe they, in fact, are the bad guys of the unravelling situation and just focus on humans so we can't see what they are actually doing. Maybe they have something to do with the Dread Lords and they weren't even created before the final chapter of the intra-arnor conflict. Maybe the remaining Mithrilar(not Draginol, there was one more survivor if I counted well) created them for some reason. Maybe they're related to Yor in some way. They don't look good guys to me, in any case. More like predators living in shadows till the time for their strike comes.

(Well we know the details so far are from what Brad said from time to time, but since that was only vaguely covered either by Brad or in game, maybe Brad didnt want to reveal all the cards yet. Maybe he wanted to leave some room for surprises, I don't know. The fact that Thalans are so cryptic is fishy to me however.)

So what are your thoughts?