Starbases in Galactic Civilizations III

Posted on Monday, January 27, 2014

Constructing starbases has long been a key element of any successful space empire in Galactic Civilizations. We’re taking a good look at them for Galactic Civilizations III from both artistic and mechanical perspectives. Starbases are going to be cooler and more strategically interesting in Galactic Civilizations III than ever.


(click the pic for a high-res downloadable version)

Lead designer Paul Boyer (Mormegil here on the forums) has the following to say about starbases:

We’re adding some great features to starbases in Galactic Civilizations III. Like in the previous game, each starbases specializes in a particular function: economics, military, cultural, or mining. However, players no longer choose a type upon construction. Instead players add a Specialization Ring that allows the starbase to perform special tasks. Once the ring is built, players can further upgrade it with special modules. These modules are key to a starbase’s strengths, such as expanding your civilization's cultural influence, defending your borders, boosting planetary economics, and mining the new resources such as antimatter that fuel the deadliest ships in any game of Galactic Civilizations III.

Other new starbase features include unique styles for each race and unique starbase modules. Fleets can now dock at a starbase, much like they can garrison friendly planets. Players can also add multiple constructor modules on a Constructor ship now.

(click the pic for a high-res downloadable version)

These changes allow starbases to fill even more roles in your strategy, and open up new doors for different development paths for your empire.

What would you like to see unique modules do in Galactic Civilizations III?