Ever want your own race in the game(not custom)?

Posted on Friday, January 24, 2014

Have you ever wanted your own race with its own style?I wanted to see what ideas y'all had about if you could get an office race.I'd want odd race.They'd look sort'a like prehistoric raptors,except with wings.There hands would look like they had three fingers,but they,in fact,have five.The last two digits form the wings of this race,and the first three would each be tipped with a claw.There toes would also be like raptor's,with a deadly toe claw.They'd be a diplomatic,warrior race,with the special ability being there planets have more soldiers,since combat would be a way of life.They'd also be hard to turn with culture do to fierce loyalty,and while they are warriors they'd take diplomacy as a first path.They'd be a "good" race,and wouldn't stand with races like the Drengin and Yor.Y'all have any ideas?