The evolution of the Torians

Or how the Torians came to be- a complementary origin story

Posted on Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ok, you all probably know that my favourite thing to do is to think up stories about our favourite races in Galciv. I like in particular to create origin, or evolutionary stories for them. I hope Frogboy won't think that I am trying to usurp his posts and I'm not really trying to. This is just my take on things, to let discussion flow and anyhow, have some fun If you guys don't like it, just tell me and I'll stop. If you do like it I'll go ahead and write some more.

So, this is the first part of the evolution of the Torians.

The story of the Torian evolution is interesting, and it isn't a coincidence that they were enslaved by the Drengin…

When the Telenanth exploded into myriads of shards, one of them, touched by the evil Draginol, spawned the red star of the Drengin, and we know how this worked out.

Another shard on the opposite side of the Drengin one went into a similar direction. This shard was slightly bigger and it ended up in an empty sector of space where it started attracting dust clouds. The shard however split into two smaller pieces. When this happened, the dust clouds coalesced and collapsed to form a yellow star. The Drengin didn’t know it, but this was the star they were bound to visit sooner or later to enslave the Torians.

Life evolved on the fourth planet of the system. Toria, as it came to be called, was covered with water except for medium sized continent. The oceans were deep and sparkled under the yellow sun. Life quickly grew and evolved in the absence of predator.  All animals were herbivores except one parasitic species which slowly evolved towards intelligence.

Its way of life was simple. It attached onto other organisms and burrowed under their skin. There it leeched some nutrients and while it didn’t outright kill the host, it was sufficiently disadvantaged to reduce its chances of survival. The parasite however reproduced rapidly, until of course the host died. Over the millennia the parasite evolved and grew more complicated means of attachment to its hosts. Some of them developed means to neurally attach to its host and start controlling it. These became dominant and eventually became the only ones alive.

Their lives however felt empty. They had evolved enough sentience to realise what they were doing, and even if they could justify it as their way of life with no other means of survival, they felt that something was wrong. This gave rise to their religion, that the Great Being of Understanding would deliver them from this life. They only had a vague idea how this would work, but a saviour species was the main tenet. Now if this meant the parasites destruction, they had no idea, but this at least gave them some peace of mind.

 It was at this moment that they met another species in the oceans of Toria. This species was evolving differently, but of course the parasites didn’t know this. The newly discovered species  was a capable swimmer, living their lives in the oceans, but coming out of the water to reproduce. When the first parasite attached itself to the new host, the heavens opened as it thought it heard or maybe felt a gentle voice: