Questions about NDA

Posted on Thursday, November 21, 2013

According to FrogBrad Draginol (why do you have so many names? ) in the GC3 Founders Vault topic;

There's no NDA on discussion. But don't redistribute them.

I'd like some more info about NDA


1) What is the punishment for breaking the NDA and how strict are you in enforcing it? Will you look at it case by case or have one rule for every case?

2) When the alpha comes out, can we post our own screenshots or videos freely?

3) If 2 is no, can we post them (alpha screenshots/videos) when the game goes into beta or release?

4) Can we post beta screenshots/videos upon the game's release?)

5) What about screenshots of the ships we have designed? (UI removed from the image ofcourse)

6) Will there be a closed alpha/beta testing forum only accessible to founders or will you adjust the settings of the Founders subforum for that? (Or neither?) (So we can freely post and discuss the NDA stuff)

7) Will there be a bug-reporting system that allows us to include screenshots and/or videos?


For those that don't know; NDA stands for Non Disclosure Agreement. Which basicly means; "Don't share shit from the Alpha and Beta". I would have put a more dramatic phrase there but Brad already told us we can talk about it so "SHUT THE HELL UP!!!" does not apply.