PC Gamer's First Preview of Galactic Civilizations III

Posted on Wednesday, November 20, 2013

PC Gamer has put up the first preview of Galactic Civilizations III and talks with Lead Designer Paul Boyer about the game.

"Many of the familiar races from the game, such as the Krynn Consulate and the Iconian Refuge, will return alongside new races. The Iridium Corporation, for instance, was always part of the series’ lore but never a playable race. Boyer notes that “they are essentially ultra-capitalists, like if Apple was a race that was going to take over the universe”.

Other tweaks include revamping the UI, building a better tutorial system (including a tutorial campaign), and finetuning the AI, all within the confines of a brand-new game engine, referred to internally as Kumquat 2. Also new is the fact that Galactic Civilizations III will only run on 64-bit systems."

Read the full preview at PC Gamer here.