Planet Variety

Posted on Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I know they have mentioned things about improved art and such. But one thing that i think could be really improved in GCIII, is making planets more unique. Size, color, moons, asteroid belts, rings..  perhaps dual planets, orbiting each other, while orbiting the sun..

So much could be done beyond the look, to make planets unique. I have to wonder if they have thought about adding to this aspect of the game.  Everything from Hot barren worlds, to cold icy rocks, adding modifiers to these types of worlds may really add another layer of depth. I was reading about how the races will be able to inhabit, or prefer different types of worlds, and perhaps this could be part of it.   

Say a certain race gets bonuses for being on barren worlds, or say a science based race get bonuses for being on Ice worlds, or a very biological diverse world. (using the planets/creatures to help heal, or give boosts to citizens)



another thing i would love to see would be Rouge planets..  Those deep space wanders that end up in the middle of no where after a sun has gone nova (or how ever the heck they end up there..   Maybe it was an Alterian gravity experiment gone wrong!   I know this thread is not about mining,  But what if rouge planets had some resource, Or could be used as launching off points for other types of expansion?   

Maybe Instead of random starbases anywhere you want, they add another type of starbase, that can only be used in orbit of planets for added bonuses?


Just things to ponder..  any thoughts?