Population "management"

Posted on Sunday, November 17, 2013

I have been wondering if we will finally be able to "manage" the populations of captured planets? And I am not talking about implementing policies to help population growth either, Im talking about the purging of the filth from or enslaving certain alien species on your planets.(While leaving others) It has always bothered me that in games like this you often lack the ability to truly "punish" another race for their actions or act in character for another race, like the Korath for instance. It certainly makes sense to add such a feature into the main campaign as the humans and allied races are certainly hungering for vengeance. And its always bothered me that you could never exact it, short of using terror stars or using planet damaging invasion methods. Which never really felt satisfying. I want to truly punish those who stood against or or attacked me unproked.

Furthermore implementing such "policies" should have diplomatic fallout as well, for instance you receive a large negative modifier from the race that your targeting, but may receive positive modifiers from others who have been previously suffering at the hands of former planetary rules. (example a positive relations boost with the Torians if you are purging or enslaving the Drengin filth.)

By no means should enacting the ethnic cleansing of alien races be taken as a light matter gameplay wise either, it should have long lasting consequences as well, example the Thalans will be even more wary of you.

So will we finally get a feature similar to this in galciv 3? It certainly fits into the currently dark universe. And adds some new moral choices for the player. What are your thoughts on this?