We Need Better Empire Management!

Posted on Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hey there.

As a huge fan of the larger galaxy sizes in GCII (especially immense), I have noted one huge flaw that prevents me from getting full enjoyment out of the game; the time-consuming empire management in larger galaxies, which makes everything a huge struggle, even relatively basic things that should take no time at all.

I'll give an example; in my custom race's games; I place a Biosphere Modulator, a factory, followed by a farm and a morale building on every planet, as this confers a massive benefit for relatively little cost, and makes other production simpler and faster. However, on an immense map after I conquer a huge, 200-planet empire, I have to painstakingly do this arrangement for each and every planet, which can take hours if you include other buildings as well. It's not fun. But what if I could tell my computer to automatically place those four buildings on every planet I own? It would save me a lot of time.

What to take from this is that I shouldn't be forced to manually do such a repetitive task, as it diverts my attention from more important things and more importantly, is a huge drag to do. With even larger map sizes, planet counts and opponent counts basically confirmed in GCIII, this has made something dawn on me; I have to manually oversee all development on those planets! Hell 'naw! 

Add to this the prospect of building and directing starbases, asteroid mines and other such infrastructure for such a large area, and the whole game devolves very quickly into a painful grind. 

I would like if Stardock took the time to include helpful automation tools (perhaps similar to the current governors?) that would enable us to skip over the more tedious micromanagement and get back to actually playing the game's more meaningful offerings. Of course, there are people who enjoy this for whatever reason, so it should be optional.

What do you think?