Wipe them out... ALL OF THEM

Posted on Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hey there dear reader, I hope you enjoy reading something that has been posted billions of times before :3

You've probably guessed as to what the title means here, which despite being a reference to a terrible movie, is quite valid in this situation. Planetary invasions are lame, there, I said it. I want to sterilize planets from orbit in GCIII

I don't want my hyper-warlike crusade to be stopped by having to wait to invade a world; I want to massacre their defenses then turn their planet into a glass parking lot using lasers and bombs. And don't tell me "we have mass driver invasion tech!" because that's just a supplement to regular invasion. Let the extremely warlike players simply ravage planets from orbit and kill everything on the surface, laving it either an extremely low class or completely uninhabitable wasteland. Perhaps enable the planet to recover via tech improvements or over time.

I know Brad Wardell tackled this issue specifically in a recent interview where he was talking about how he doesn't want to emulate MoO2, but this is seriously my favourite thing to do in games that allow it; stripping planets in Sins of a Solar Empire, overheating planets in Spore, hurling asteroids into planets in Planetary Annihilation... It's just a bundle of fun letting your inner brutal sadist out.

I just want this mechanic so badly in this game; honestly, it would give my life meaning if it was.

Anyway, yeah, whadd'ya think?