Retarded AI behaviour

Posted on Thursday, November 7, 2013

I've been playing GalCiv2 again while waiting for the Alpha of #3. And there's one retarded bit of behaviour from the AI that stands out to me, it always has.


I'm on a map with the Drengin and Altarians at normal intelligence and some others that don't matter for this story.

The Alterians have a starbase (resource harvesting) in Drengin space. Then the Drengin declare war and send over a ship or fleet to the Alterian starbase. They park it next to the starbase and destroy it.

The Altarians start sending constructors to the resource to reclaim it and to reinforce the starbase. However, everytime a constructor builds the starbase, the Drengin ship or fleet, destroys it. And this goes on FOREVER!!!

At NO point does the Altarian AI think; "Wait a minute! The Drengin keep destroying my starbase. Sending over constructors is not working and a waste of money. Perhaps I should stop sending constructors and first get rid of that enemy ship or fleet BEFORE I send in another constructor!"


So my point is, I hope this kind of retarded behaviour isn't present in GalCiv3.

Feel free to post any other retarded AI behaviour from GalCiv2 you do not want to see in GalCiv3.