Diplomacy/Leader Voices?

Posted on Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I am wondering about how the diplomacy/leader interaction screen will work.


I know the trailer shows a Thalan speaking English (I am sorry if that character is lore-significant and if I am ignorant of his importance), and I am wondering if the factions in the game will be voiced like in Civilization 5.


Here is an example of a diplomatic interaction with a leader in that game:


If Galciv 3 does include voiced leader interactions, should the non-Terran factions speak English? Or will they speak their native tongue similar to aliens in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. 


Will Xeno-Communications and Universal Translators be factors?


Will the aliens speak their native tongue for the first few turns or until those techs are researched?


I know recording and making up 10+ alien languages is a lot of work if the translator will just make them speak English.


Not to mention custom alien factions and the problems they may have. (That being said, in Civ 5, custom factions have a static image and just text.)


What do you think?


Should the leader interaction screen have voiced faction leaders?


Would you care if they spoke alien tongue, or if they spoke English after Universal translators?


Edit: An alternative is to have them keep the KotOR-esque alien language, but to just have text after Universal Translators. This will also help when the game gets localized into many languages. - Credit to Wintersong


Note: You can substitute English for any other language in case of localization. I focused on English because the Thalan was speaking it in the trailer, and there might be an argument about "But why is he speaking English there and not in-game!"


Sound off below!


Personally, the voices are not a big deal for me. I am more interested in how the leaders are animated, such as if they are happy, angry, approving etc. I want them to feel like they are truly reacting to your proposals and hate or like you depending on your actions. If voices can somehow add to that without too much effort, than bring it on!


(Added URLs of the youtube links, as they were not showing up on a Mac browser.)