Fighters/Drones, Command modules and carriers

Posted on Friday, October 25, 2013

As there is definitely some interest in diversioty in ships, which has lead to the tactical arguement as well as some starbase changes.

One thing I was thinking was fighter craft, be it piloted or drones.  Interceptors, fleet defense, patrol bombers etc.  That adds some more options and ideas in combat.  Its not just your giant ship versus mine trading blows, but with the fighters idea it can open the door to a LOT of diversity.  And while I am also a Wingcommander fan and a backer for Star Citizen I am in NO WAY SUGEGSTING that these ships are character pilotable.  More just squadron level commands, like which enemy to attach which friendly to defend.  This also make sense for Starbase defenses as well.

Any thoughts on this?