Thanks for starting the Gal Civ III project! Rambling post here..

Posted on Thursday, October 24, 2013

I absolutely love Gal Civ II! I have played probably 100's of hours of game time! I am currently playing Distant Worlds with all expacs, Civ 5 with all expacs and a MMO here and there (see EQ2).


Anyway I have been really wanting a game that actually takes advantage of the technology we have today. For example, I built my own computer and most of todays games are built around systems almost 7 years ago, DX9, 1 or if you are lucky 2 threads, and rarely utilize the larger amount of ram that most gamers have, ( I have 8 gigs). 


I am not asking for a taxing game, by all means I want this open to everyone as much as possible. What I am happy about is looking forward to a game that can.....


  • Utilize more Ram if the system has it (3 to 6 gigs?)
  • Utilize multiple threads, (2 if not up to 12)
  • Utilize a 64 bit architecture, YOU GUYS are doing it, way to go Brad!
  • Take advantage of DX11, far better overall for performance!
  • Take advantage of systems that use SSD's or SSD caching (faster response times)

Overall this thread is just a thank you. I am NOT asking for the above, its already happening. I really look forward to Gal Civ III and will be pre ordering it next week!