multiplayer needs real time???

Posted on Thursday, October 24, 2013

I've already post a subject on multiplayer : "playable multiplayer" to discuss solutions to improve turn base mechanism in multiplayer games because a lot of players (at least me) have some unpleasant experiences in this field...

One solution is to allow all players to play simultaneously but keeping a turn base mechanism : it is the only sure solution to prevent too long waiting time

I personally think it's illogical

Real time mechanism is made for playing simultaneously

Turn base mechanism is made for playing one by none

If the only way to have a playable multiplayer is to allow simultaneous play then why choose a turn base mechanism and try to adapt it to do simultaneous playing causing a lot of issues while real time mechanism already did that in a so much better way?

(in broad game we don't have the choice unfortunately)


At this time I'm thinking that :

Stardock have to develop GC3 as a turn base strategy game but shouldn't waste time on multiplayer which will be played only by a few players ready to spend 20h on the same game/match with at least 50% of waiting time or an unsatisfactory simultaneous turn mechanism and develop a great solo game because, whatever the efforts, the multiplayer will be unsatisfactory (for most (at least me))

or Stardock have to develop GC3 as a real time strategy game and could develop a great multiplayer too (may be massively multiplayer)


So I'm really asking the question: is turn base compatible with multiplayer video game???

What do you think?