Keep it GalCiv

Posted on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The announcement of GalCiv III is amongst the best gaming news I've heard in years and long desired.  The fact that Stardock is going 64bit and Dx10+ with it just makes me even more delighted.  I'm looking forward to a world class and amazing gaming experience!  (And it's about time devs started ditching the 32bit/Dx9 chains).


One thing that is repeatedly striking me as I read these forums is that GalCiv II is one of the top space 4X and so many GC3 suggestions seem to want to change major elements of a game that is already pretty damn near perfect.  I'm actually hoping Stardock ignores a good 95% of the stuff being discussed here lately.  I want GALCIV...not some weird abomination that is no longer galciv!  And I trust Stardock to deliver an excellent game moreso than random armchair devs, modders, or random forum commenters.  I'm sure Stardock reads feedback and incorporates some ideas - it's another reason they rock, but man, some of these threads seem to be in regards to different games or genres.


As a side note, I'd also rather see dev time focused on PC only (forget mac and Linux) and steam-only.  People who want to cling to steam hate and/or who want to use PCs unsuitable for quality PC gaming can just do without (due to their own choosing).  Nothing wrong with Mac or Linux, but if you want to enjoy the best of PC gaming, then obviously you should have a quality win/PC gaming rig.  Expecting devs to bend over backwards to cater to extreme minorities is unreasonable.