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Posted on Friday, October 18, 2013

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What is Galactic Civilizations?
One of the best civilizations games. In space. Not by Sid Meier.
Who is developing Galactic Civilizations III?
Stardock. And more precisely, mostly the same team that made Galactic Civilizations and Galactic Civilizations II.
When is it released?
The PDF file in the fansite packet says 2015. But who really knows exactly when?
Which are the system requirements?
It will require a 64-bit version of Windows 7 or 8 along with a DirectX 10 or 11 compatible video card. More specific details may come as the game is further developed and we close to release date.
Will Windows XP be supported?
As much as MS-DOS 3.0.
What about screen resolution?
mormegil says that resolution will not be limited on the the game side, if your video card can push 4k you will be good to go. The UI will have several scale modes to make sure it stays crisp and clean even on crazy Retina like displays.
Will there be a Linux/Mac version? *throws money at screen*
They are evaluating other platforms but no promises about it.
What engine does Galactic Civilizations III use?
Not Kumquat, not Nitrous... but a new engine designed specifically for it.
Why should I preorder the game?
There is no "should". No obligation at all. If you are going to buy the game no matter what, preordering would save you some money. If you prefer informed purchases, you can wait for more information and then evaluate. It's your money, you decide.
When does the preorders end?
Stardock will inform in advance of when they end. The Elite option may end sooner than the regular option but at this point, it's unknown of when.
Where is my download link?
If you preordered the Elite Founder edition, you will get a link to the alpha version once it's released. You will get a link to the beta (for any of the two editions) once the beta is released.
When does alpha start?
The internal alpha is active right now but the Elite Founder's alpha should go live early next year.
When does beta start?
After the Elite Founder's alpha. Which should be Soon™ after it.
I bought a Founder's Edition but I have changed my mind and want to swap it for a Founder's Elite Edition. What should I do?
Send an e-mail to sales@stardock. com about the issue. It should go in the lines of you get your current pre-order cancelled and you are free to buy the shiny Founder's Elite Edition.
Which languages are supported?
English. Other languages would depend on regional distributors... but keep in mind that Galactic Civilizations III is released, at this point, only digitally and using Steam.
Will I be able to buy a non Steamworks version of the game?
There isn't going to a be a non-Steamworks version of GalCiv III because it would require too much time and effort on Stardock's part to do that. For starters, it would have to be a non-Multiplayer version of the game, requiring its own installer, requiring the removal of achievements, AI data mining, in-game mod support, etc. In short, it would be crippled.
What are the plans for expansions or DLC?
The Elite preorder option would suggest that they have some ideas but so far Paul Boyer, Lead Designer, said "We have some great stuff planned for expansion packs and DLC both. We are putting a lot of work into the expansions, and I think our Elite Founders are going to be very pleased".
Will it have good AI like previous Galactic Civilizations?
They have the same AI designer, Brad Wardell (also the executive producer of the game and Stardock’s CEO), so we can expect a good one.
Will it still be Galactic Civilizations or will they turn it into something else?
They are doing the equivalent of Master of Orion 3.

I was joking, by the way. The reality is that the devs know what they are doing, which is a Galactic Civilizations game. Frogboy says how the core is still the same altough there will be new game mechanics, many of which would seem "obvious" now. Almost every new feature they've added is something that they wish they had had in GalCiv II.
Will it have events?
More events of all kinds, simple to crazy and game-changing, than ever. In addition to keep old ones and enhancing them, new events will be added (and tested to remove "bad" ones).
Frogboy says that we will have more control at the beginning of the game about the frequency and power of events. Unlike in GalCivII, events in GalCivIII will be in XML so modders can play with them.
How will the scale of space battles be?
Within the usual limits of player's tech and resources, 64-bit mean that you can have absurdly large fleet battles.
How will fleet combat work?
In essence: *pew pew**woosh**pew pew pew**kaboom*
More details as Stardock unveils them.
*plays Mortal Kombat theme* TACTICAL COMBAT!!!
We don't know if that's the case or not. Yet.
How will ground combat work?
Not like in Galactic Civilizations II.
Which civilizations can we play with/as?
We can guess some form of Terrans and Drengin but no list yet. There will be new "friends" and some old ones may be somehow different. The databanks of may include some hints as to what expect for some of the races. A concept art pic used for a minor race seems to be this:
Any chance of Snathi being a major civilization?
We don't know about the civlizations yet but I'd guess that they would be overpowered. More than the Dread Lords.
Will the game be dumbed down for new generations? (because these days it's a common question)
They are doing a sequel for a quite detailed game. Their goal is to keep the rich sense of control players had in Galactic Civilizations II and enhance it where possible, yet simplify and clean up game dynamics to allow new players to quickly jump right in without feeling overwhelmed. If that means for you "dumbed down for new generations", then I guess than the answer for you is yes.
Will it have multiplayer?
Any details about multiplayer?
There is online and hotseat multiplayer. They want to make multiplayer as close to the single-player experience as possible and they'll definitely include some form of asynchronous play so you aren't forced to get a couple friends to commit several hours in one sitting to get through a game.
What about modding?
Even more than Galactic Civilizations II. On the data side, they will be releasing tools that will allow players to go crazy while the 64-bits should allow players to make crazy-detailed ships. If you found amazing the dinosaurs and other crazy (good) stuff done with Galactic Civilizations II's ship designer, get ready for more amazing stuff.
Will it use Steam Workshop?
That's the current plan.
What can you tell me about the music in the game?
Frogboy says that the music themes in GalCiv III (including the trailer) are being done by the same person who did the music for Civilization IV and V. The ambient music is being done by the same person as Galactic Civilizations II.
Will the game contain humour like in the previous versions?
Frogboy says that the game will still be lighthearted but that we can expect better writting. It'll be more consistently humorous.
Now seriously: will there be multiplayer?