Please vote - GalCiv 3 on GOG

Posted on Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I don't know the odds of it happening, but I want GalCiv 3 to be made available on other digital distribution platforms (platforms other than Steam).

I made a wishlist entry here on GOG:

If you don't already know, GOG (Good Old Games) is a DRM free digital distributor. When you buy a game there, you can download the game as files which you can then run on your computer. These files don't need a separate downloader or installer program, they don't need to call home, etc. They are complete. They are clean of unwanted extras. GOG may have made their name on good old games, but they also deal in new games as well (not long ago I pre-ordered Shadow Warrior 2013 from them). So nothing will stop them from putting this game in their library... short of Stardock saying no.

As such, I would like those of you who read this thread and want a non-Steam version of the game, to go vote using the link I provided. Many games there have got 10k+ votes, so I'm hoping for that. I really want Stardock to consider GOG to be a viable option. I think many votes will help them see it as a good option.