Welcome to Galactic Civilizations III!

Posted on Tuesday, October 15, 2013

We’re far from finished with Galactic Civilizations III, but we are thrilled to start sharing what the team has been hard at work on. You’ll have to forgive us for being a little cryptic about gameplay specifics that are still in development yet, but we hope you find the trailer an acceptable peace offering.

The whole point of Galactic Civilizations III is to live up to what our fans are hoping for without screwing up the core gameplay that make the franchise one of the highest-rated strategy series in history. So we’re adding hexes, because they make better maps. We’re putting new stuff out on the map besides anomalies, because it adds depth to how you explore and colonize the galaxy. Diplomacy and non-violent paths to victory have always been key aspects of Galactic Civilizations, so we’re adding tons more cool stuff to diplomacy (both mechanically and on the AI side) and adding more ways to interact beyond pushing your influence bubble into enemy territory.

And, of course, Galactic Civilizations III has fully featured online multiplayer. Yes, we heard you on that one.

There’s a lot more to talk about in the coming months, but for now I invite you to enjoy the trailer, read up on the lore and the history of the franchise, and browse through the FAQ. Whether or not you join the Founder’s program, we hope you’ll come back for more as we continue to pull back the curtain on Galactic Civilizations III.

Adam Biessener