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Build a civilization that will stand the test of time in the largest space-based strategy game ever! Choose from dozens of unique races and make a name for yourself across the galaxy through diplomacy, espionage, technological advances, and more.


  •    Galactic Civilizations III
  •    Galactic Civilizations III: Crusade
  •    Builder's Kit DLC
  •    Mega Events DLC
  •    Map Pack DLC
  •    Galactic Civilizations III: Retribution
  •    Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue
  •    Galactic Civilizations III: Mercenaries
  •    Villains of Star Control: Origins DLC
  •    Heroes of Star Control: Origins DLC
  •    Mech Parts DLC
  •    Altarian Prophecy DLC
  •    Lost Treasures DLC
  •    Rise of the Terrans DLC
  •    Precursor Worlds DLC
  •    Revenge of the Snathi DLC
  •    Soundtrack

Alcohol Reference
Fantasy Violence
Mild Suggestive Themes

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Intrigue Expansion

Now Available

Assemble your cabinet of advisors, choose a form of government, and earn the trust and faith of your people. Politics are here on a galactic scale in Galactic Civilizations III: Intrigue!

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Crusade Expansion

Now Available

The shield around Earth has been eliminated, but humanity has been anything but idle. Furious that their attempts at diplomacy and goodwill were met with treachery and violence, Earth has turned to its most valuable asset: its people. From spies trained in espionage to soldiers ready to invade enemy planets, the galaxy is ready for a crusade.

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Mercenaries Expansion

Now Available

The human race is fighting a desperate war against the remorseless Drengin Empire. Both sides have become increasingly desperate, leading them to turn to the galactic underworld and their elite mercenaries.

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NEW! Worlds in Crisis DLC

Every world has a story, and it’s up to you to decide how it ends. In Worlds in Crisis, you will encounter a host of new world events with ideological choices that you will have to resolve. Several new planet types and well over a dozen new planet features also await you, providing excitement for old-time Galactic Civilizations players while also building a rich experience for new players.

Features [Show]

  • New Planetary Crisis Events: Encounter worlds struggling with crises from planetary
      mutations, to raging pandemics, to murderers on the loose, and much more.
  • New Planet Types: Explore worlds sterilized by mad scientists, landscapes littered with ancient
      battlefields, and tranquil planets overflowing with milk, honey - and whatever that blue stuff is
      that the Altarians drink.
  • New Planet Features: Several new worlds await, offering exciting bonuses to those brave
      enough to colonize them. New islands, continents, and landmasses add many more options
      as you explore.

Villains of Star Control®: Origins DLC

The Measured, Phamysht, Xraki, and Scryve from the Star Control®: Origins™ universe have come to Galactic Civilizations III! Each alien race includes a unique leader, ship designs, traits, music, and more.

Features [Show]

  • 4 new major factions with unique leaders, ship designs, music, and traits
  • Dozens of new ship parts inspired by Star Control: Origins for building
      and modifying your own ships
  • Several new music tracks from Star Control: Origins
  • New faction traits: Imperial, Mitosis, Ravenous, and Chaotic
  • New ship designs, colors, and styles

Heroes of Star Control®: Origins DLC

The Tywom, Mu'Kay, Mowlings, and Free Trandals from the Star Control®: Origins™ universe have come to Galactic Civilizations III! Each alien race includes a unique leader, ship designs, traits, music, and more.

Features [Show]

  • 4 new major factions with unique leaders, ship designs, music, and traits
  • Dozens of new ship parts inspired by Star Control: Origins for building
      and modifying your own ships
  • Several new music tracks from Star Control: Origins
  • New faction traits
  • New ship designs, colors, and styles

Mech Parts DLC

Create your own mech and start fighting Kaijus - or Drengin - right away with this new DLC! Dozens of new ship parts include frames, beams, hooks, heads, and more for creating that perfect giant fighting robot. Two new color styles will let you further customize your creation before you upload it onto the Steam Workshop to share with other Galactic Civilizations III fans!

Features [Show]

  • Dozens of new ship parts with a robot theme
  • Includes frames, beams, hooks, heads, and more
  • 2 new color styles

Altarian Prophecy DLC

Lead the newly founded Terran Alliance in its first encounter with the Altarian Confederation. You must forge an alliance and unite with them in order to combat the terrifying threats of the Drengin Empire and the Dominion of the Korx. But, beware - just as victory seems within your grasp, an even deadlier threat emerges from the shadows to try and take it away.

Features [Show]

  • Discover the story of the alliance
      between mankind and the Altarians
      during a new campaign. Spanning 3
      missions, you must do whatever it takes
      to overcome the Dominion of the Korx
      and their mysterious masters, the Drath.
  • Customize your ships with classic ship
      styles! This DLC includes the Drath,
      United Earth, and Korx styles.
  • Explore dozens of classic ship parts and
      build some of your favorite Galactic
      Civilizations II ships.

Lost Treasures DLC

Explore the galaxy and discover the secrets of long-forgotten worlds. Uncover lost treasures of the past, discover ancient technologies, and guide your empire into a new age of prosperity. How you choose to handle unexpected events and challenges will have a direct impact on how each newfound treasure functions within your empire.

Features [Show]

  • New Colony Events - As you colonize
      planets, new colonization events will
      challenge your people and your integrity.
      Each new event provides new Ideology
      choices that may award unique planetary
      improvements and ship components.
      Some of these events appear later in the
      game, so keep your eyes open!
  • New Improvements - During your
      explorations, you will uncover new and
      unique planetary improvements that
      may function differently based on your
      Ideology choice. Choose wisely - you can
      only build one improvement of each
      type per empire!
  • New Ship Components - Discover
      dozens of new and powerful ship
      components like the "Ancient Singularity
      Cannon", "Subspace Splinter", and the
      "Hyper Gate Core". Your Ideology Choice
      may affect how these new components
      work on your ship. Work fast against
      your enemies - each of these ancient
      treasures is unique and you can only
      have one in a fleet at a time.

Rise of the Terrans DLC

Experience the early days of the Terran Alliance and lead humanity’s first steps out into the galaxy. Destiny might be calling, but you are not alone and will soon discover that not every race is welcoming. Your choices will guide your people’s future as you face down new and unexpected threats, build your empire, and explore the furthest corners of space.

Features [Show]

  • New prequel story campaign - Learn
      how the Terran Alliance was founded
      and what challenges humanity faced as
      they fought to form it.
  • Face down new threats - Encounter the
      Stellar Guild and the deadly Xendar
  • Play as a new faction - Enjoy the
      benefits of a new trait that boosts
      experience gained from ship battles with
      the United Earth faction, led by new
      leader Secretary General Mathews.

Builder's Kit DLC

Explore tons of ship parts and build the ship of your dreams! With a new ship design style for custom factions and new labeling options, the possibilities for awesome designs are endless.

Features [Show]

  • New Ship Parts
    • Dozens of core parts in functional
        shapes like disks, boxes, and more
    • Dozens of additional specialized parts
        in unique shapes like cockpits, fins,
        and more
    • Tons of new ship builder parts that
        allow for anything you can imagine
  • New Ship Label Parts
    • Use letters and numbers to customize
        your ship design
  • New Ship Style Set
    • “Raider” ship set allows you to outfit
        your custom factions with a new style
    • New designs, constructors, starbase,
        and shipyard designs add more to
        your customizations

Precursor Worlds DLC

Unlock the mysteries of the Precursors and explore long forgotten ancient worlds. Discover several new types of planets, deal with unexpected new colony events, and solve the riddles of perplexing anomalies. With new challenges at every turn, exploring the galaxy just became a lot more exciting.

Features [Show]

  • Precursor Planet Types - Colonize
      Precursor Worlds and discover Space
      Elevators, Orbital Factory Rings,
      Promethion Refineries, and other exotic
      technologies that can boost planetary
      production, build better ships, or
      increase resources.
  • Colonization Events - Wrestle with new
      ideological choices that can drastically
      alter the future and potential of your
      new Precursor colonies.
  • Anomalies - Alter the future of your
      civilization by sending your survey ships
      out in search of more powerful Precursor

Revenge of the Snathi DLC

The Snathi have risen from the ashes of their Precursor prison world. They have only one goal: revenge. The Snathi have vowed to put down those who kept them from taking from their rightful place as the heirs of the Dread Lords.

No race is safe from the true face of EVIL... even if it is as cute as a button.

Features [Show]

  • The Snathi Revenge - The Snathi are an
      ancient race of extremely intelligent and
      bloodthirsty squirrel-like creatures. They
      were created by the Dread Lords as the
      ultimate weapon, but were locked away…
      until now.
  • Revenge of the Snathi Campaign -
      Lead the Snathi as they break free from
      their prison world to take their place as
      the face of evil in the galaxy.
  • New ships - Completely new Snathi ship
      styles and ship parts.
  • The Artifact - The “Scavenge” ability
      allows Snathi to salvage the ships of their
      vanquished foes.

Mega Events DLC

Expand your Galactic Civilizations III experience with new Mega Events that include the return of the Dread Lords, a declaration of war from the Peacekeepers and more.

Sample Events [Show]

  • Dread Lords Return - A dormant
      Dread Lord colony has awoken. Stop
      them before they become too powerful
      and wipe out all life in the galaxy.
  • Peacekeepers - A large force of
      time travelling robots appear and
      declare that they have been sent back
      to stop the conflicts that endanger
      the future.
  • Assassination - A beloved leader
      is assassinated, the new leader
      vows revenge plunging the galaxy
      into war.
  • Space Monsters - Distant relatives
      to the Living ships of the Dread Lords,
      begin to appear in the galaxy again.
      They will continue to spread until
  • The Artifact - A mysterious Artifact
      appears and starts boosting the power
      of a previously weak race. The only
      way to stop them from becoming gods
      is to kill them first.

Map Pack DLC

Create your own universes with the Map Pack's new Editor. The Map Pack also includes 8 challenging new maps for players to conquer that range in size from gigantic 18 player areas to intimate maps perfectly sized for two-player duels.

Maps Descriptions [Show]

  • Six Pillars - A large Map, with six
      symmetrical clusters surrounding a super
      black hole, designed for large matches
      for up to six players.
  • Clash - A medium sized symmetrical
      map designed for a large scale duel.
  • Snowflake - Medium sized balanced
      map of near identical star systems,
      designed for up to 18 players.
  • Core - A medium sized symmetrical map,
      surrounding a cast core of nebulae and
      resources, designed for up to six players.
  • Joust - A tiny two player map that is
      perfectly balanced for a duel, but with
      plenty of resources to keep.
  • Quadrants - Small, four-sided and
      balanced. Divided by vast asteroid fields
      and optimized for four players.
  • Round Table - Tiny and symmetrical.
      Designed for quick and balanced six
      player games.
  • Milky Way - Explore the canon Galactic
      Civilizations galaxy, starting from Earth in
      this immense new scenario.

Soundtrack DLC

Enjoy over 2 hours of high-fidelity music across 40 tracks from composers Geoff Knorr, Michael Curran and Mason Fisher. This soundtrack DLC contains both uncompressed FLAC and VBR MP3 formats converted from the original production .wav files.

System Requirements

*Requires Galactic Civilizations III (sold separately) to play.