[MOD] GalCiv 3 Ship Design Expansion Pack (Update 9.0 available)

Posted on Friday, November 16, 2018

Hi guys. Since my attempt to create a ship sharing hub for GOG users has blatantly failed and I created a couple new ship sets, I've decided to reorganize my releases and to create a new, massive pack that, from now on, will contain all the ship designs I create.


So, without further delay, I humbly introduce to you my GalCiv 3 Ship Design Expansion Pack

(you can find it here ---> )


As you can see, the version 1.0 contains some of my previous works (which won't be reachable from the old links anymore) and some new ships I hope you'll appreciate.

If you have any comment, critic, suggestion or want to report bugs or issues just post here.


See ya for next versions of the pack and have fun!