3 Years of Galactic Civilizations III and we’re celebrating with a special sale!

Time has flown by since we released GalCiv III - save 66% on the game while we reflect on how far the whole series has come in the last 25 years.

Posted on Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy Anniversary, Galactic Civilizations III!

The story of Galactic Civilizations has been around for 24 years - can you believe that?
Yeah, neither can we. Let's reflect!

GalCiv's Timeline

GalCiv - the first commercial game for IBM's OS/2.
Years ahead of its time, the game took full advantage of 32-bit memory addressing, multi-threading, and high-res graphics.
GalCiv II released for OS/2 in 1996.
Expanding on the success of GalCiv, it added larger maps, new starships, and updated graphics supporting 16.8 million colors.
GalCiv for released Windows.
The "just one more turn" feeling of gameplay found a much larger user base through digital download and traditional retail channels.
GalCiv II released for Windows.
It included the first ever ship builder & released 2 expansions devoted to the mystery of the Dread Lords, a cliffhanger, a decade in the making.
Galactic Civilizations III released.
The latest iteration of the largest space-strategy sandbox games of all time received praise from critics and is still receiving updates today.


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Mega Events DLC, Builder's Kit DLC, and the Map Pack DLC.
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When our CEO Brad created Galactic Civilizations from his dorm room at
Western Michigan University, he had no idea that it would lay the groundwork for Stardock
growing into what it is today. He was just looking for a pay to pay the bills while he went to school -
he didn't expect to launch his own gaming company!

Although Stardock has made many other titles throughout the years, everything comes back
to Galactic Civilizations, the thing that started it all. Let's take a look at some side-by-side
screenshots and see how the game has grown and evolved.



Let's start with one of the most beloved
(ok, not beloved, but definitely most recognizable!) races, the Drengin.

Brad wrote a blog post awhile back showing the progression of the Drengin race
throughout the years, but let's just take a quick look at a "then" and "now" photo of Lord Kona:

GalCiv's Timeline

Lord Kona has aged since his GalCiv I days! Must be all the pressure of guiding his
people while overthrowing enemy empires and eating their leaders.


All of the classic GalCiv races have seen some upgrading throughout the years.
Take a look back at the old image below of the racial selection screen and see how far they've come:

GalCiv's Yor   GalCiv's Altarian
GalCiv I <<  The Yor  >> GalCiv III   GalCiv I <<  The Altarian >> GalCiv III
GalCiv's Arcean   GalCiv's Torian
GalCiv I <<  The Arcean  >> GalCiv III   GalCiv I <<  The Torian >> GalCiv III



Stardock has always been supportive of modding so we found a way
to include tools for our players right in the game itself.

Original GalCiv may have had the map, scenario, and campaign editors, but GalCiv II pioneered
the ship builder feature. This of course made its way into its successor, GalCiv III. We're constantly
in awe of our community's creations using this tool!

GalCiv's Ship Designer

The Ship Builder from GalCiv II vs the Ship Builder from GalCiv III


UI, trade screens, research screens, and so much more have seen a lot of refining over the years.
With every game, expansion, and DLC that we release, we've learned what our players need and have done our
best to give it to them. Below are a few more screenshots of GalCiv I, II, and III.

GalCiv's Gameplay

GalCiv I Map vs GalCiv III Map


GalCiv's Research

GalCiv I Research Robot vs GalCiv III Research Robot


GalCiv's Government

GalCiv I Senate and Elections vs GalCiv III Senate and Elections


Thanks for celebrating 24 years of Galactic Civilizations with us!
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Reg. $39.99   Now $13.59*
Core Edition Includes: The Base Game, Crusade Expansion,
Mega Events DLC, Builder's Kit DLC, and the Map Pack DLC.
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